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How to Automate DeviceVulnerability Management

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Guy Gilam
Guy Gilam

Head of Product Marketing

Eran Rosenberg
Eran Rosenberg

VP Product and Strategy

Today's software-driven devices and their highly regulated environments demand a new approach to vulnerability management.

Continuous assessments and ongoing monitoring across the device lifespan are security and regulatory necessities that must be addressed.

Learn how automation and deep visibility into the device make-up allow you to control security risks from the component level up to the entire device, at scale, taking your vulnerability management program to the next level.

Tune in to learn about:
  • Understand the implications of the Omnibus Icon
    Best practices

    Assessing, prioritizing, and managing CVEs

  • Identify potential impacts on supply chain management icon
    Leveraging automation

    Speeding up and scaling vulnerability management with automation

  • Group 6867
    Comprehensive risk management

    Analyzing security risks from the device level all the way down to its underlying components

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