The Blueprint for Automotive Vulnerability Management Operation

Compliant with WP.29 & ISO/SAE 21434

Automotive VM Ops blueprint

For many organizations, having a vulnerability management program comes down to searching for hacker chatter on the dark web and keeping an eye on published CVEs. Yet, in today’s world this is not enough. With threats on the rise, you need a fully scaled vulnerability management operation.

This eGuide, based on Cybellum’s extensive work with leading OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers, outlines the building blocks of an effective vulnerability management program, that keeps your customers secure while complying with the UNECE WP. 29 regulation and ISO/SAE 21434 standard.

You'll learn how to

  • Lecture

    Assemble a vulnerability management team with the right job functions

  • Back & Forth Arrows

    Create efficient processes, pre- and post-production

  • Report

    Define supporting policies, compliant with the latest regulations

Bring Vulnerability Management
to the next level