Building a PSIRT From the Ground Up

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In most cases, following a cyber attack, businesses fail because they lack a coordinated, unified response to threats and breaches. Instead, there are ad hoc processes that fail to come together at critical times, leaving major aspects of security to fall through the cracks.

To avoid this, companies from the medical device, automotive, and critical infrastructure sectors are investing in Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRTs) to react, should a cybersecurity breach occur. 

They focus on:

  • People- Gathering the right people to address new risks
  • Processes- Implementing processes that shorten response times
  • Technology- Leveraging product security tools to identify threats earlier

Download our latest guide to learn more about PSIRT and how it helps companies stay secure.

In this brief, you’ll learn:
  • PSIRT roles and responsibilities

    PSIRT roles and responsibilities

  • Types of PSIRTs

    Types of PSIRTs

  • Technologies needed to support a PSIRT

    Technologies needed to support a PSIRT

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