Guide: How to Automate your CSMS for WP.29 Compliance

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CSMS Automation

WP.29 R155 requires manufacturers to implement a certified CSMS for any connected vehicle. As the automotive industry becomes increasingly complex and software-driven -- manual processes just don't cut it any more.

Read our new step-by-step guide on automating CSMS for WP.29 compliance to learn how to meet new regulatory requirements, improve security, and optimize production speed.

Key takeaways include
  • industry overview
    Industry overview

    How is the automotive industry preparing for increased cybersecurity regulation?

  • Automation
    Automating CSMS

    Expert advice and insights on automating risk and security assessment, threat identification, and vulnerability monitoring

  • Scaling
    Scaling product security

    How organizations can create a scalable practice for cyber risk detection, management, and mitigation

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