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How LG Vehicle Component Solutions Keeps Automotive Products Secure

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  • Woojoon Kang

    Woojoon Kang Chief Synergy Officer,
    LG Vehicle Component Solutions

  • Eyal Traitel

    Eyal Traitel VP Strategic Alliances,

  • Sungho Hwang

    Sungho Hwang Cybersecurity Analyst Team Leader,
    LG Vehicle Component Solutions

  • Guy Giliam

    Guy Giliam Head of Product Marketing,

As a global manufacturer of vehicle electronic components, LG Electronics Vehicle component Solutions Company (LG VS) made a strategic decision to become a leader in its overall approach to cybersecurity across its solutions. This required: 

  • Continuous cybersecurity compliance
  • Holistic security management throughout the products' lifecycle
  • A unified approach to product security across the organization

With a focus on product security, we'll discuss how they leveraged Cybellum's solutions and services to achieve their goals. This helped them become the first recognized CSMS approved manufacturer in the automotive industry.

In this session you'll learn about about:

  • Goals

    The goals and challenges LG VS was facing

  • Puzzle pieces

    The product + services approach it took with Cybellum

  • Lecture

    The key results LG VS was able to achieve

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