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From Bill of Materials to Bill of Trust:
Managing Trustworthy SBOMs for Mission-Critical Devices

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Guy Gilam

Head of Product Marketing

Evgeny Martinov

Product Manager

So you’ve got an SBOM - now what? 

Watch this webinar to ensure you’re managing quality SBOMs, which teams can use to remain secure and compliant.

This webinar goes beyond simple SBOM generation to delve into comprehensive SBOM management strategies. Learn how to create high-fidelity SBOMs at scale, forming an unbreakable foundation for your device's security posture.

This session equips you to navigate the complexities of managing SBOMs for a multitude of products:

  • Progress from SBOM generation to SBOM Management: Discover how to manage SBOMs throughout your device lifecycle on the Product Security Platform.
  • Building Dependable SBOMs: Gain practical guidance on creating high-quality SBOMs that are accurate and complete enough for mission-critical devices in regulated industries.
  • Scaling SBOM Management: Explore a combined product and services approach to streamline SBOM operations for a high volume of products.
This webinar will discuss:
  • Group 6867

    Turn SBOMs into living documents

  • Group 6870

    Boosting automation

  • Bringing a regulation mindset to security

    Comply with reliable data

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