Webinar: Navigating the Future of Medical Device Cybersecurity

in the Evolving Regulatory Climate

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  • Melissa

    Melissa Rhodes Product Security Program Manager, Medtronic

  • Allan Friedman

    Allan Friedman Senior Advisor and Strategist, CISA

  • Chris Gates

    Chris Gates Director of Product Security, Velentium

  • David

    David Leichner CMO, Cybellum

  • Phil Englert

    Phil Englert VP Medical Device Security, H-ISAC

Join our webinar panel of leading medical device cybersecurity practitioners and policy makers as we take a look ahead at the implications of the Omnibus Bill and expanded FDA authority in regulating cybersecurity in medical devices.

Our expert panel will explore the challenges of implementing these regulations, including SBOM management, distribution, and vulnerability management.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights and perspectives from top industry professionals on the future of medical device cybersecurity.

We'll discuss how to:

  • Judge hammer

    Understand the implications of the Omnibus spending bill and requirements from medical device manufacturers and HDOs.

  • zero one icon

    Explore the challenges and opportunities of implementing SBOM management and vulnerability management.

  • looking glass eye

    Identify potential impacts on supply chain management and integrators.

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