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Recapping H-ISAC Americas:The business case for security

December 6, 2023 Watch Now
Shlomi Ashkenazy
Shlomi Ashkenazi

Head of Brand

Sean Barry

Business Development Manager

As FDA guidelines evolved from recommendations to legal requirements over the past year, we've consistently engaged with industry leaders to gain insights into implementing these new regulations and their alignment with overall business continuity.

Following their participation in the H-ISAC Americas event, Shlomi Ashkenazy and Sean Barry conducted in-depth discussions to assess the industry's position one year after the Omnibus bill. You can now access the recording of their insights, available for on-demand viewing.

Watch the on-demand webinar at your convenience to gain valuable perspectives on navigating the evolving cybersecurity and compliance landscape.

Conference key takeaways on product security:
  • Group 6867

    Communicating cyber risk throughout the organization and to C-levels

  • Group 6870

    FDA regulations and Strengthening threat modeling

  • Group 6871

    The impact of AI on secure product development and maintenance

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