How to Turn SBOM Guidelines from Text Books IntoPlaybooks

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WHIPLASH - SBOM & VEX Minimum Requirements

New SBOM, VEX, and usage standards are nothing short of confusing, so we made a to-the-point guide so you can understand what they mean for your team.

As CPSOs began to generate, manage, and request SBOMs, they have skyrocketed from ‘nice to have’ to ‘regulation critical’ in a relatively short amount of time. Software attestation forms, US Omnibus guidelines, SBOM Minimums, IMDRF standards, and VEX requirements are enough to give any Chief Product Security Officer whiplash.

What do all these mean and what steps must product security teams take to keep products on the market?

In this guide for the rest of us, we break down the jargon to deliver what the requirements state and what they mean to product security practitioners.

We did the research so you don't have to.
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