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Making Sense of SBOMs and VEX for Healthcare and its Supply Chain

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  • Guy Giliam - 180x180 circle image

    Guy Gilam Head of Product Marketing

  • Tyler Curry

    Tyler Curry Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Few concerns have been as high a priority for healthcare organizations as supply chain cybersecurity over the last few years. In response, SBOMs have shown promise as a foundational piece to achieving comprehensive protection. 

But, SBOMs are not enough - and the healthcare industry knows. 

Proactively managing vulnerabilities and sharing related information across the supply chain can ensure a stronger cybersecurity posture and more reliable patient care.

In this webinar healthcare professionals and medical device manufacturers will learn how to share critical information with vulnerability data formats like VEX, relevant use cases, and the challenges related to vulnerability data exchange.

You will learn about

  • Report
    Sharing vulnerability insights

  • looking glass eye
    VEX as a vulnerability resource

  • Puzzle pieces
    SBOMs and their relation to VEX

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