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Securing Connected Devices in the Field

from Monitoring to Incident Response

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  • Guy Giliam - 180x180 circle image

    Guy Gilam Head of Product Marketing

  • Eran Rozenberg

    Eran Rozenberg VP of Products and Strategy

Connected devices operate in harsh environments and the same goes for the software powering them. That's why new regulations mandate continuous security monitoring and timely incident response for devices in operational use, and rightfully so. Left unattended, security events may put device and user safety at risk.
Learn how automation and deep visibility into the device make-up allows Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRT) to manage product security incidents post production, when devices are in the field, and reduce the risk of regulatory violations, liability claims and brand equity erosion.

You will learn about

  • Threat Intelligence
    Threat Intelligence

    Effective gathering, analysis and assessment

  • Continuous Monitoring
    Continuous Monitoring

    Monitoring and impact assessment for your product portfolio

  • Leveraging Automation
    Leveraging Automation

    Speed up incident response, reporting and more

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