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Software Licensing Management for Connected Devices



  • Guy Giliam - 180x180 circle image

    Guy Gilam Head of Product Marketing

  • Eran Rozenberg

    Eran Rozenberg VP of Products and Strategy

As connected devices become increasingly software-driven, OEMs and their suppliers find themselves reliant on open source software (OSS) to speed up development and drive innovation.

But OSS comes with a new type of risk that organizations must address -- licensing and legal risks that stem from the need to navigate an increasingly complex web of conditions and terms, that could lead to license violations, conflicting licenses, and more.

Learn how deep visibility into your device make-up and smart automation let you set the required guardrails to manage and control licensing risks at scale, while minimizing manual efforts.

You will learn about

  • Licensing risks
    Licensing risks

    and how SBOMs help mitigate them

  • Policy management
    Policy management

    the licensing guardrails your team needs

  • Leveraging automation
    Leveraging automation

    to ensure license compliance

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