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State of Automotive Security in 2023: Breaking Down the Data

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Meshi Levi

Cyber Security Analyst

Rafi Spiewak

Director of Content

The critical findings published in the State of Automotive in 2023 report have been thoroughly examined in our on-demand webinar, shedding light on what OEMs should prioritize by July 2024 in preparation for WP.29’s next stage.

Join our Cyber Security Analyst, Meshi Levi, and Director of Content, Rafi Spiewak, as they delve beyond the numbers extracted from our private database. Gain valuable insights into the data and upcoming regulations, and discover how companies leverage R155’s CSMS requirement to consign old vulnerabilities to the past.

This on-demand webinar meticulously addresses key aspects, such as the discovery that 11% of total automotive CVEs were identified in 2023, the prevalent existence of decade-old packages, the dynamic shifts in OS choices, and more.

Explore these critical insights at your convenience, keeping you well-informed and prepared for the challenges ahead.

Key webinar benefits:
  • Group 6867

    Understand the latest data

  • Group 6870

    Identify best practices

  • Bringing a regulation mindset to security

    Bringing a regulation mindset to security

Webinar on demand