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Supercharging Product Security in 6½ Steps

2023 Edition

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    Guy Gilam Head of Product Marketing

As 2023 sees devices and supply chains as the attack vector of choice for hackers, stakeholders are bracing for what undiscovered vulnerabilities lay ahead.

Unmanaged attacks on connected devices threaten to undermine trust in manufacturers while putting users at risk. What’s more, growing regulations put an extra strain on Product Security teams and CPSOs who are now responsible for multiple areas such as vulnerability management, SBOM management, and cybersecurity compliance.

That’s why in this webinar, we’ll discuss how addressing product security with proper planning is allowing companies to become proactive in their approach to securing products, from development through deployment.

You’ll walk away with steps towards

  • SBOM Management

    Advancing from simple SBOM generation to controlling the SBOM Management process

  • Scaling Product Security

    Scaling Vulnerability Management and Product Incident Response activities

  • Cyber-Compliance Automation

    Automating Cyber Compliance with regulations, standards, and your own internal policies

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