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State of Automotive Cybersecurity 2022

State of Automotive Cybersecurity 2022_s
It hasn’t been an easy year for cybersecurity pros in the automotive industry.

Hackers are increasingly targeting connected automotive products, supply chain security risks continue to rise, and new regulatory requirements are all adding to product security pros already heavy workloads, and threatening to slow down production.

In order to help organizations face these challenges head-on, our security analysts dug deep into Cybellum’s Product Security Platform database, to find the most common vulnerabilities and vulnerable components in automotive devices today.

You will learn:

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    New cars – old software

    How can we ensure our vehicles are running on secure and updated software?

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    Open source security

    Which open source components do automotive products rely on?

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    Top CWEs

    What are the most common CWEs in automotive software?

Take your automotive cybersecurity to the next level