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State of Automotive
Cybersecurity 2022

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State of Automotive Cybersecurity 2022_s

WP.29 is a major challenge for manufacturers who want to continue operating in markets uninterrupted. However, the actual steps needed to comply are not being carried out by product security teams and the task of securing older software packets against modern threats is mounting. 

To better understand the state of automotive cybersecurity, we dug into our data from our Product Security Platform to understand the vulnerabilities, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead for this rapidly shifting industry.

Some of our key takeaways include:

  • Hazardous software supply chains - The most common CVEs are littered across open-source components, finding their way into everyday vehicles.
  • Neglected software updates - Products often on outdated software libraries introducing risk during post-production.
  • Vulnerability prioritization overwhelm - Without the right tools, product security teams are conducting resource-draining manual vulnerability prioritization tasks.
  • And more


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  • Understand the implications of the Omnibus Icon

    The true presence of CVEs and CWEs across the industry

  • Identify potential impacts on supply chain management icon

    The packets, OS versions, and software that is most common

  • Identify potential impacts on supply chain management icon

    How companies are implementing new compliance measures

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