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The State of Industrial Device Security
2023 Survey Analysis

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Guy Gilam
Guy Gilam

Head of Product Marketing

More companies are struggling with increased regulation and compliance demands, as a means of stopping cyber attacks. However, with so many industrial equipment manufacturers adopting multiple solutions simultaneously just to comply, efficiency and resource allocations risk further impact. 

Guy Gilam, Cybellum's Head of Product Marketing, dives into the findings from Cybellum's global survey of 200+ industry leaders and decision-makers. A sample of these findings include:

  • 70% of industrial device manufacturers have immature product security programs, despite high-profile cyber attacks.

  • 50% of companies lack a dedicated device security function within their organizational structure.

  • Product security professionals are struggling with efficiency and automation.
Watch to learn about:
  • Group 6870

    The key challenges industrial device security pros face

  • Identify potential impacts on supply chain management icon

    Top priorities for 2023 device security roadmap

  • Group 6949

    Common practices respondents use to address software supply chain security risks

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