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R155 & Two-Wheel Vehicles

UNECE declared in January that motorcycles, mopeds, and other Class L vehicles that exceed 25km/h are now part of WP.29’s R155 regulation. Below is all you need to release the clutch and get up to speed before the June 2024 implementation date.

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What is WP.29 R155?

UNECE Regulation R155 raises cybersecurity standards for automotive OEMs and suppliers. These new cybersecurity regulations obtain type approval, which is necessary for vehicles to be sold in 54 countries worldwide, including EU member states, the UK, Japan, and South Korea. requiring thorough management systems for vehicle type approval (VTA). Companies who fail to implement rigorous risk management and threat modeling risk forfeiting market access.

Cybellum's CSMS Cockpit, developed together with LG Vehicle Component Solutions, provides OEMs and suppliers with an automated solution, simplifying cyber-assurance and incident response for compliance. This is achieved by providing the analysis, management, and mitigation capabilities needed to comply with WP.29 requirements and VTA while facilitating compliance report generation.

2021 (1)


  • 2021 - R155 comes into force

  • 2022- Implementation begins for all new vehicles

  • January 2024- Class L (2-wheel vehicles)

  • July 2024- Full implementation of CSMS the CSMS Cockpit

UNECE is Ready to Ride: Announcing the Inclusion of Motorcycles into R155

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has taken a significant step forward by including electric scooters, motorcycles, trucks, cars, and passenger bicycles within the scope of Regulation No. 155WP of UNECE.


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CSMS Automation

Guide: How to Automate your CSMS for WP.29 Compliance

Read our new step-by-step guide on automating CSMS for WP.29 compliance to learn how to meet new regulatory requirements, improve security, and optimize production speed.

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