U.S. National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023

Product Security Takeaways

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The 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy is shifting the Biden Administration's national cybersecurity efforts into high gear — beginning with manufacturers.

Explore the strategy's 5 pillars to shore up America's national security through a product security lens to grasp how the US plans to:

  • Protect critical infrastructure
  • Partner with allies
  • Pursue hacking groups around the globe
  • Hold manufacturers accountable for vulnerabilities 

View the strategy through a product security lens, allowing manufacturers to act today, to retain market authorization tomorrow.

This report covers:

  • gear

    What each pillar means for the manufacturing ecosystem

  • Judge hammer

    The government’s approach to shield private companies from liability

  • Report

    Expectations for the private sector

  • global connectivity

    How SBOMs are at the core of protecting global connectivity

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