U.S. National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023

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As a global manufacturer of vehicle electronic components, LG Vehicle Component Solutions (LG VS) has made a strategic decision to become a leader in its overall approach to cybersecurity across its solutions. This includes:

  • Continuous cybersecurity compliance
  • Holistic security management throughout the products' lifecycle
  • A unified approach to product security across the organization

With a focus on product security, we'll discuss how LG VS leveraged Cybelum's solutions and services to achieve their goals. This helped them become the first recognized CSMS approved manufacturer in the automotive industry.

This report covers
  • Group 6871

    What each pillar means for the manufacturing ecosystem

  • Explore the challenges and opportunities of implementing SBOM icon

    The government’s approach to shield private companies from liability

  • Group 6949

    Expectations for the private sector

  • Group 6867

    How SBOMs are at the core of protecting global connectivity

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