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Using Maturity Models
to Speed Up Cybersecurity
Compliance and Minimize Risk

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John Auld

GM North America, Cybellum

Shlomi Ashkenazy

Head of Brand & Strategy, Cybellum


In an industry where the stakes are exceptionally high, the readiness and resilience of medical device security teams are paramount. Recent insights reveal a startling reality: 68% of medical device manufacturers acknowledge their unpreparedness for a surprise audit, highlighting a significant gap in maturity and readiness within the sector.

This leaves some wondering: What does maturity look like, and what kind of plan should companies follow to reach these goals?

Watch Shlomi Ashkenazy and John Auld along with H-ISAC’s Navigator program to explore protecting assets, increasing assurance, streamlining compliance, and reducing risk. 

You’ll gain:

  • Understanding the Product Security Maturity Model and its role in streamlining cybersecurity compliance.
  • The knowledge to assess your organization's current maturity within key areas: asset management, assurance, evidence creation, and risk management.
  • Actionable measures to enhance compliance in each of these crucial domains.
This webinar will focus on:
  • Maximizing Product Security Resources

    Maximizing Product Security Resources

  • Group 6870

    Communicating security needs

  • Reducing compliance stress

    Reducing compliance stress

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